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Is summer the best time to be thinking about a wood burning stove?

Winter may seem like a long time away but now is actually the best time to be thinking about having a wood burning stove installed.

If you’ve been considering investing in a stove, now’s the time to do it. Here’s why…

It may seem counter-intuitive to be thinking about heating your home at this time of year (though with our current rather erratic spring weather, it maybe doesn’t seem that crazy an idea!) but actually spring and summer is the perfect time to put any plans for having a stove installed into action.

Why summer is a great time to have a stove installed

There are a number of reasons why it is a really good idea to start thinking about making that cosy, wood burning stove a reality:

You don’t need to heat your home

Installing a heat source when you don’t need any heat may seem like an oxy-moron but when better than to be without heat (if you’re replacing some kind of fire) than when you’re not reliant on it? 

Better stock availability and shorter waiting times

Because many people really start yearning for a lovely fire or wood burner when the weather starts to bite and their minds turn to cosy nights in, that’s when we get busy. Summer months are quieter so our installers can be more flexible and our suppliers have plenty of stock. 

You can take your time

Choosing the right stove for your home is not a quick, transactional process. You need to decide what look you want for your room, you need to have a good look around at what’s available, plan any other renovations you want to do (often people redecorate the whole room after having one installed), speak to an expert who can create the best solution for you and advise on what’s possible and make suggestions and you need to budget for your project. Plus consider the schedule for ordering, installing and completing all works and you do need some time. Start now and you can do this at your leisure and still have your stove installed and working ready for the autumn. It’s got to be right so why rush it?

Why have a stove installed that you won’t use for months?

It is often hard to motivate ourselves to plan something that we’re not actually going to use for quite a while (it’s hard not to be giddy when you get something new after all!) but actually you’re likely to use your stove much earlier than you might turn your heating on. When the evenings start to turn cooler in the autumn you may not need to heat the whole house but what could be nicer to take the chill off than to get the stove crackling away? Plus it gives you a bit of practice lighting it and perfecting your technique before the really cold weather sets in. It could even allow you to delay turning the heating back on, saving you money on your bills.

Is a wood burning stove something you can see in your living room this winter?

If it is then start thinking about it now. We can advise you on all your options and put something together that suits your decor, your lifestyle and your budget and just imagine how self-satisfied you’ll be when autumn comes! Call us on 01924 375092, send us a message or call in and see us at our showroom in Wakefield. 

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